Why Sports ?

Sports allow us to connect real emotions and passion with a message.

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  • Faster Connections

    Sports connect people faster making messages flow easier.

    Creates FOMO

    Sports generates Fear of Missing Out as we always want to know what happened.

    Filtered Messages

    The message is always direct, there is very little noise.

    Further Reach

    For less money, Sports Marketing allows a message to reach more people in more places.


    We are the best in what we do because we focus in very few specialties

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  • Sports Marketing and Strategies

    ATL and BTL strategies connecting brands, products and services with consumers and using SPORTS as our only link.

    Sporting Events, Tournaments and Tours

    We specialize in the creation, management and production of professional and amateur sporting events.

    Venue Development, Marketing and Management

    Our human resources and assets allow us to assist Sports Venues in their operations and their marketing needs.

    Sports Management, Booking and Sponsorship

    We work with professional athletes and entities in order to generate business opportunities for them and for our existing portfolio of brands and clients.


    Sports Marketing uses three specific factors to engage in effective communications with endusers

    It generates a homely environment, allowing a message to flow easier, as it makes everyone feel in their comfort zone. Sports generate trust as it is related to Health, but it also engages better because it is transmitted through with passion.

    By being one of the favorite things of most end users, all sports related businesses have the tendency to be showcased or exposed easier, giving the brand a much better opportunity to result in a sale

    Sports Marketing allows brands and companies to allocate resources wisely and become much more predictable and accurate when it comes to generating budgets. Sporting events are much more predictable than music or cultural events for instance.

    Sports Vs Non-Sports


    Trust is Everything

    Communicating through sports equals to communicate to people who are willing to hear.


    Messages are kept in history

    Sports like no other activity invites fans to review history, records, and performances. This means brands will also be immortalized.


    Brand Exposure at all Levels

    Sports allow brands to be exposed LIVE in almost any venue, in addition to exposure on TV, Radio, and Digital media. Real fans will enjoy a Home Run by an amateur or a Pro.


    Safe Zone - Safe Message

    Easier to reach all crowds from all ages. Unlike music entertainment sports is open to all ages and genders.


    Always Cool

    Sports unlike fashion is always COOL. Every day fitness and sports related activities have the tendency to grow and reach larger masses.


    The Right Sport for your Brand

    Brands are more likely to have OPTIONS in the Sports World of advertising, than through any other avenues of communication.



    GO MVP Sports goes LIVE

    After more than 10 years of operating under separate entities, all GO MVP executives unite to create a solid unified network.


    Sports Marketing AND Sports Operations

    Taking into account the new set of resources, GO MVP opens the Sports Operation Division, reaching Sports Venues with an effective Portfolio of Services.


    IF7 is Created

    An international network of competitive amateur soccer leagues is created by GO MVP. The goal is to have by July 2016 5 leagues working together in 3 countries.

    What We Offer

    More than just skills and experience

    Our team of professionals is mostly driven by passion and love for Sports. This allows each project to be done with extra energy, because we believe in partners not in a client-provider relationship.

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